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Swivel work chairs, sit stands and stools

The meychair swivel work chairs, standing aids and stools are ideally equipped for use in industrial environments. The meychair brand offers exceptional stability and resilience, practical handling and ergonomic support. Every workplace is unique. Every employee is unique. Choose your meychair model from the Light, Basic or Pro categories and find the perfect seating furniture, tailored to the needs of your workplace.


Swivel work chairs for industry

Workster Light

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Workster Basic

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Workster Pro

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The meychair Workster swivel work chairs for industry, workshops and production are not only safe, stable and durable. They also ensure healthy, fatigue-free work. With moving sitting, intuitive adjustment options, ergonomic seat cushions and optimal mechanisms, the meychair swivel work chairs provide the perfect support for the workplace. The meychair Workster Pro models W13, W15, W19, W29 and W9 are completely geared towards the requirements of an industrial workplace and can withstand extreme loads. Developed for complex applications, the meychair brand guarantees high-quality chair technology and extreme stability. Whether on the assembly line, packing table or on the machine, the Workster series adapts to the most diverse requirements of industry and production. High-quality furniture and modern chair technologies ensure healthy ergonomics and maximum comfort in the workplace.

Our W29 series in particular is intended for work that does not allow compromises. Because the robust seat set made of PU material is even suitable for a welding workstation. The professional equipment of this series impresses with seat depth adjustment and the synchronous mechanism with permanent contact, as well as body weight regulation. The adjustment options are easy and intuitive to use. In the usual low and high versions with foot rings and foot rests made of steel, this series meets the requirements for almost all industrial workplaces.

A large selection of star bases, materials and comfortable seat sets guarantee safety and seating comfort for every area of use across all of our series. The meychair swivel work chairs in the Workster Light category with the W2, W5 and WE series, with their rock-solid equipment, primarily support routine work processes.

The Workster Basic models are particularly suitable for long work assignments. The swivel work chairs PW1, W1, WF and WF5 impress with comfortable seat sets with ergonomic seat shapes and large backrests to optimally support long work at variable workplaces. You have the choice between a noble aluminium base or the practically indestructible steel or plastic base. Whether in the home workshop, in industry, in production or in the laboratory, the various chair sets offer the right solution for every area.


Sit stands

Futura Light

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Futura Basic

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Futura Pro

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The meychair sit stands offer support that you can rely on. Used to relieve joints and muscles, our sit stands prevent incorrect strain and back problems in the long term and promote health and wellbeing. Stay active and prevent premature fatigue.

Choose your sit stand from the Futura Light, Basic or Pro categories and find the perfect support tailored to your needs. The Futura Light models with the AF-S and AF-SR series primarily support routine work processes with their rock-solid equipment. Futura Light sit stands are particularly suitable for work areas with little space, as they are particularly light and can be folded and stowed away to save space. Due to the low weight, this can be done by anyone in a matter of seconds. Many standing workstations use this advantage, whether in the bank, the pharmacy, in the service centre at the airport or as an ironing aid; Our sit stands are used wherever support is needed after standing for a long time.

The Futura Basic sit stands ideally support longer work assignments. A large selection of seat sets and individual adjustment options guarantee maximum comfort for every workplace. The basic series AF0, AF1, AF2, AF6 and AF9 relieve stress through their extra comfort even for hours with small back support and tilt adjustment. With the small base, the sit stand can be used flexibly, especially for workplaces with limited space. Our AF6 series Futura complex is particularly suitable for use at packing tables or on the assembly line. High-quality technology enables maximum flexibility thanks to its swivelling seat with automatic reset – essential for employees who frequently turn around at their workplace and have to reach for things.

Our stable Futura Pro models are completely geared towards the requirements of an industrial workplace and also defy extreme loads. The AF4, AF4R, AF5 and AF5R series are characterised by their depth suspension (AF5) and gas spring height adjustment and provide relief, especially during long work assignments. The additional seat suspension ensures special seating comfort (AF5). The area of application is almost unlimited. With the seats made of PU foam, the chairs can be easily used in industry, production and welding areas, and with artificial leather or fabric also in information or trade fair areas.



Assistant Light 

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Assistant Basic

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Assistant Pro 

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Our meychair Assistant stools are used in all work areas and enable ergonomic sitting and optimal comfort with maximum freedom of movement. The meychair Assistant stools are flexible seating furniture that is available to you at any time, even in cramped work situations, and can be stowed away again just as quickly. When used at work, the meychair Assistant stools impress with their active support for an upright posture.

For short-term assignments and routine work processes, choose stools from our inexpensive Assistant Light category. Our A11 stools are real all-rounders. Thanks to the simple height adjustment, the work stool can be adapted to any work situation. You will find the right seating furniture with it for simple work without constant use. Solid basic equipment is guaranteed to make the A2 series a good stool that is a flexible helper for simple work processes. It provides support at the right moment, but can also be quickly pushed under the table. You will find top quality at a low price here – available with key slot height adjustment.

You will find high-quality technology for longer and complex assignments in our Assistant Basic category. The large selection of industrial stools with different seat shapes, such as ergonomic saddle seats, also cover special work areas. The series A1, A3, A4, A8 and A9 with or without backrests are the perfect helpers. The popular tractor seat ensures particularly comfortable and ergonomic sitting, even during long work assignments (for examples the Assistant Basic A3-4009, A3-4012 und der A3-14015). Abrasion-resistant PU foam sets, which are easy to clean, support both the laboratory and the cosmetics sector. These stool models are also available with a plastic base.

Our Assistant Pro models are completely geared towards the requirements in industry and production. Our popular A1S-TRT series offers maximum load capacity as well as seating comfort and, if desired, even practical storage space. The removable and transportable inserts for the tool are particularly impressive in the workshop and make working at variable workstations much easier.