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Always based on human anatomy and biomechanics

“Throughout the development process of meychair seating furniture, the functionality and ergonomics of the products are always based on human anatomy and biomechanics. The hallmark of this innovative seating furniture is “supported flexibility” for relief of the spine, hip and knee joints during everyday use and especially at the workplace. Optional integration of the lumbar spine and pelvis into movement sequences leads to measurable pressure relief in the moving anatomy (intervertebral discs, vertebral joints, ligament structures). In contrast to static sitting, the leg and core muscles are dynamically engaged, counteracting weakening. The ergonomic design of the seat surfaces, e.g. on the stools, ensures reduced compression of the venous and lymphatic system even when used for several hours. Intuitive levers allow precise adjustment to the user’s height, weight and activity. All Mey products are ideal for prevention and support health at the workplace.”

Michael Klob (M. Med. Univ. Guangxi)THERAmed Tagesklinik für ambulante Rehabilitation