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Represented in the world

From the outset, founder and previous owner Dieter Mey wanted a multinational presence to sell his meychair brand both nationally and internationally. He soon recognised the benefits of a global approach, particularly for customers.

The technical development and construction of the models and ranges always took place at the brand’s headquarters in Merlach. The core of the firm is the expertise of its staff and the ideas and innovations, which still remain firmly in the hands of the owners, even after management was taken over by Dieter’s sons, Tobias and Benedikt Mey.


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Growing together

They continue to focus on the international market. With the future firmly in their sights, the owners and the entire Mey team want to increase the number of their dealers and distribution partners every year to strengthen the market position of the meychair brand.

Also, our global network of over 1000 dealers and distribution partners ensures that customers around the world can enjoy the meychair brand.