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Due to our long experience in the field of factory equipment, the meychair brand stands like no other for well thought-out SEATING SOLUTIONS, excellent SERVICE and long-lasting and hard-wearing QUALITY. We have adapted our products entirely to the needs of our customers and guarantee the quality of our products out of conviction.

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Advice & support

Do you need our advice or help with our products? Regardless of whether it’s a matter of operating, assembling or using the meychair models, please feel free to contact us at any time without obligation. Please give us a call or send us an email. We will take care of all your concerns.

Warranty & complaints

If you have a complaint about one of our products, please contact our specialist retailer. If possible, return it to the retailer from whom you also bought the meychair product. This allows us to clarify the further processing of your complaint together with the retailer and offer you a replacement, repair or exchange as soon as possible.

Warranty statement

Warranty period

5 years from the date of receipt of the goods

Warranty content

Durability warranty (of 5 years on all metal parts)

Warranty provider

Merlach 16
96145 Sesslach-Merlach, Germany

Tel. 09567 9226-0


The warranty is only valid within Germany.

Statutory rights

The statutory warranty right to which consumers are entitled (liability for defects) is not restricted by the warranty.

Essential information for asserting the warranty

In the case of a warranty, please contact the warranty provider (contact details see above). The defective metal part must be sent along with the invoice.

Content of the warranty

In the case of a warranty, Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS GmbH bears the return costs. At the discretion of Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS GmbH, either a free repair or an exchange of the metal part will be carried out. The rights from the warranty should be justified if a material defect occurs within the warranty period. There is no material defect in the case of wear and tear or if the defect is caused by improper use of the item.

Our promise of quality for you

The brand meychair always prioritises ergonomics and high standards for quality and safety, which ensure that most of our products have been awarded the GS mark. High functional safety and strong resilience are among the main criteria that our models must fulfil. The development process involves thorough tests and checks that must be completed before a new model can be added to our existing range. Continual checks and detailed tests during the development, production and shipping processes guarantee consistently high quality for our customers. In order to continue developing innovative seating solutions at a technically high level in the future, we at meychair fall back on the many years of experience and skills of our employees and close cooperation with our customers.

Further information on our GS certificates and our tested series can be found under Downloads.

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